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Strange love affairs

strange love affairsStrange Love Affairs is the collection of the short listed stories of the 7th eyelands’ international short story contest. Every year the contest, the only one short story contest based in Greece, gives the opportunity to the first prize winner to win a week holiday at the island of Crete and to all the short listed writers see their stories published in a book. This year the book is »Strange love affairs» with stories from writers of ten different countries, from Europe, USA and Australia

by Inna Kitaychik  C Selkirk  Stella Donovan  Louise Johnson Lauren Frazier  Amanda Hohenberg  Charles Osborne Sinead Nic Cionna  Paul Jauncey  Elizabeth Lavis  Ronald Sewell  Maria Perri Eunice Barnes  Jane McNamara  Andrew French 

Editions in English ΕΝ-07/ Price: 8 euros / Pages: 94/ Cover: Andriana Minou




52 EYELANDS – A sentimental Journey Through the Greek Islands

52eyelandsThis is a “sentimental” guide for travellers, through 52 of the Greek islands. This book has simply been written out of an outrageous love for the islands, to describe of what it feels like to actually “live the island” – even for a week – and to find out what it’s like, from how it looks to how it can be characterized in terms of its deeper essence. I liken this process to getting to know a friend, or perhaps even falling in love.

«Sustained throughout 52 eyelands is the voice of a travelling companion who is always careful not to tell you too much, always conscious that travel is about making choices and that since each traveller is different, each has discoveries of their own awaiting them on the islands he knows and loves so well. At last: a no-spoilers guidebook. This could be a thing»  Lane Ashfeldt (author of ‘’Saltwater’’)

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The indisputable strength of this novel is that «one voice» of the narrator, in its stunning amalgamation of lucidity and obsessiveness, blunt honesty and self-conscious performativity, sensitivity and cruelty, insight and blindness, wide-ranging curiosity and referentiality and self-absorption.

Evan Carton, Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas



The Time Collection


The short listed stories of the 4th international lshort story contest includingFirst prize winner’s story, Sandglass, by Seth Libby

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borderline-coverEnglish edition of the shortlisted stories of the international section of the 5th eyelands short story contest. 19 short stories in total by writers from ten different countries, who were shortlisted in the only international short story competition based in Greece, a competition whose reputation grows every year. In this year’s competition we had entries from writers coming from England, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Canada, South Africa and the United States. The first prize went to Liz Gwinell from England.

Editions in English -05 / Price: 12 euros  /Pages: 116 / ISBN: 978-618-81687-8-7 / Cover: Andriana Minou & Gregory Papadoyiannis




stories-in-colour-sEnglish editiion of the shortlisted stories from the International section of Eylands’ 6th International Short Story Contest. Eleven short stories by writers from England, Ireland, Switzerland and Greece who were highly commended in 2016 at the only international short story contest based in Greece.

The theme of the 6th contest was «Colours» and the first prize went to Sarah Isaac for herstory, «Foreign Fruit». The second prize went to Jennifer Tucker for «The many shades of darkness», while the third prize went to Lynda Haycock-Watkins for ‘’Feeling, tasting and smelling colours’’. For the first time this year, all awarded writers came from the United Kingdom. A Greek translation of the three winning entries is also included in the Greek edition of «Stories in Colour».

Editions in English ΕΝ-06 / Price: 8 euros / Pages: 66 / ISBN-13: 978-1540407641 / Cover: Andriana Minou